Meet our dedicated team of passionate bikers!

While serving the Charleston area for over thirty years, we pride ourselves on our excellent service and our team of dedicated employees. We offer a wide range of services to match our wide range of riders, from the little ones getting their first bike, to those wanting to improve their performance, to those who like to exercise and to the casual riders in between. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you with all of your biking needs.

True Applegate

True and her family have been serving the biking community in Charleston for over 30 years. Sam, her husband is a transactional attorney with Moore & Van Allen. They have 4 children who have all spent their lives working around the Bicycle Shoppe and are all still living and working in Charleston. Her daughter True is in real estate, Elizabeth is an environmental attorney, William is the co-founder of the Yarborough Applegate Law Firm, and Cuyler is the owner of Applegate Real Estate.

William Weld – Manager Downtown

Born in Amherst, VA, I have been in Charleston on and off since I was 6 years old.  I attended Porter Gaud and then went to Christ School in Asheville, NC where I fell in love with the outdoors.  Having worked with True at The Outdoor Shoppe, I am back after 15 years to build on that experience.  I love riding bikes with my daughter, surfing and soaking up everything Charleston has to offer.

Tod Mattson – Manager Mount Pleasant

Born in North Carolina, I ended up in Charleston in 1979 and never left. I attended The College of Charleston, graduated with a degree in Anthropology and have a lot of experience in all things bicycle having been in the bike business since the summer of 1984. I have the honor of being the main “go to” guy at The Bicycle Shoppe having worked with True since 1987.

Cameron Browning

Having visited the Lowcountry for years, I decided to leave Kentucky and make the place where I used to vacation my home. I started riding a bicycle without training wheels at two and never looked back. I love the freedom of riding bikes, and I love the view from behind the bars. 

Joanna DeLong

Originally from Wilmington, NC, I moved to Summerville in 2003 and have loved Charleston ever since. Biking started out as a necessity when I relocated to the outskirts of downtown Charleston, but it quickly became more than just that. Now I especially enjoy finding new, interesting and/or better parts for my and my friend’s bikes making The Bicycle Shoppe a perfect job for me!

Adam Gerweck

I started wrenching in a bike shop almost 10 years ago in Ypsilanti, MI.  I began riding bikes for fitness, then I became obsessed.  I stuck to what I love and made a career out of it!  My adventures have brought me from snowy Michigan to the beaches of Charleston, How Cool!!

David Lee

Born and raised in New York City, I moved to Charleston in 2004.  Having worked in a bicycle shop in NY and having enjoyed that experience, I wanted to find a shop in Charleston so that I could continue to build on my skills working with bikes. I found The Bicycle Shoppe and have been here for 12 great years!  One of my hobbies is helping the biking community in the City of Charleston continue in their quest for the sport of cycling.

Zach Monzirad

Originally from Fairfax, VA, I moved to Charleston, SC on a coin flip (Heads Chucktown/Tails Hometown) with a few friends and didn’t look back! I became interested in biking and bike repair at a young age, riding mountain trails in Virginia and commuting daily to school/work… in turn causing a lot of wear and tear, breaking multiple derailleurs, and repairing bikes out of necessity. After a stint fine tuning my mechanical skills in automotive repair, I eventually found my passion for the bicycle assembly/sales/repair industry. I am currently “living the dream” on J.I. with a beautiful girl named Leslie and our handsome son Beau Sterling!!!

Jordan Tarrant

Originally from Aiken, SC, I moved to Charleston for college. Although I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was almost 20, I immediately fell in love with the whole biking deal. Now I am a full time cyclist without a driver’s license and could not be happier. When I’m not at the Shoppe, I’m photographing or trying to break the speed of sound on two wheels. No luck so far.